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May, 2013

Hiking in Bell Park

With 6 Tips for Hiking with the Kids

Part of the Bell Park trail

Part of the Bell Park trail

There a little known park in Evergreen, CO called Bell Park that is a really nice place to hike with kids because it’s never very crowded. Probably because parking isn’t very good. But, if you can squeeze into a spot on the wide shoulder of the road, you won’t be sorry. You can’t go very far in Bell Park though, as its surrounded by roads and residential lots in the mountains just south of downtown Evergreen. There are also some fun geocaches in the park which is the reason we went there last Saturday.

Park at the 'A' marker

Park at the ‘A’ marker

Several years ago, my wife and daughter and I hid one there in an old engine block in the middle of the park. I got an email from someone searching for it that it wasn’t there anymore and it needed to be replaced. I expect it was either found by a person or an animal carried it away as it was just an old plastic film canister.

Bell Park is actually a bit larger than I make it seem, but it’s bisected by Little Cub Creek Road and this little part we were hiking in is also connected to Cub Creek Park. But, there’s not enough contiguous park land to really get lost – which is probably why we’ve never had a SAR mission in here.  It’s also got some great views, including Mount Evans.

The view of Mt. Evans, which is more visible on a clear day.

So me and the kiddos and the dog jumped in the car and headed out just a few minutes from our house to find the wide spot in the road and start our hike on the Foothills Nature Tail. This trail is actually a big loop, heading south-ish straight up the hill to a clearing on top of wide ridge line that’s actually more of a field. The trail follows the “ridge line” to the east until it approaches some houses, then turns north, downhill towards the road and the creek and follows that back down to where you started.

Today, we weren’t doing the whole loop but were just going to restock the cache and then, since we didn’t have to get back anytime soon, explore for a while, which is where the fun and imagination comes in for us.

A we started up the hill, we noticed quickly that a tree had fallen on the power lines and was resting on them. We VERY quickly rushed by this just in case it broke and promised to call Xcel Energy when we got home. Once up the hill, they both wanted to run and hold the iPhone with the geocaching app to find the cache, but, alas, downer of a dad that I am, I make them choose one or the other, so they decide to trade-off walking and holding the phone and then running with the dog.

Our lunch view in this grove of trees

Our lunch view in this grove of trees

Finding it was pretty easy and then deciding where the new one be should be hidden turned out to he a committee decision. Once decided, then we could start playing, exploring, building stick shelters and climbing some rocks! Eventually, we started meandering back down the trail and went past the turn off to the car and kept going a bit. We “pioneered” a new trail down the hillside to a really nice grove of trees overlooking the creek, found a place to have a seat on the day pack and had a snack.

After our snack, we headed back up the hill, crossed a small gully, saw another tree leaning against the power lines, and then noticed a large outcropping of rocks the definitely needed to be climbed upon. Once this pile of rocked was conquered, it was time to head back to the car but, not before playing in the steam for a few minutes…

All in all, a great day hike for the family and kids. And with a few hints I learned that made it even better for the kids.

  1. Give them a goal. We sometimes go geocaching and while I don’t search for caches all the time, I sometimes use this to create hiking goals for the kids. It gives them something to look forward to and a way to participate in the hike. Some caches are large with toys in them and if they bring a small toy or nick knack to put in, they can take one out.
  2. Give them Responsibility. They LOVE navigating with the GPS or the app. It really gets them excited to see how close they’re getting. They were also in charge of getting our snacks together.
  3. Give them advanced notice. I started talking to them a couple days prior to going and told them where we were going and our goal and they looked forward to it for those days. When the day came to go, they got ready really quickly.
  4. Give them freedom. Make sure you have plenty of time to explore and have a great time. Try not to rush and let them lead and they’ll do great!
  5. Give them a snack. All kids love a snack and this is also a goal; to hike to someplace cool for a snack. I prefer snacks with a view and so do they.
  6. Give them a game. Sometimes our youngest says she gets tired and begs to rest, even though we haven’t been out very long. She also likes to run. So, my wife discovered that we can do a Run-n-Rest with her. Which means that she and one of us runs ahead a bit, then stops to rest until the others catch up. Then she runs again until we catch up and does this several times and then soon forgets she thought she was tired.

I’d love to hear other ideas!


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