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June, 2015

San Juan River Float

Recently we got a chance to head to south east Utah and float on the San Juan river again. It’s such a great, mellow stretch of river that we love doing. It’s perfect for kids, the scenery is beautiful, there are some really great hikes, interesting geology and some boating challenges…

Those of you who’ve done this before are probably laughing at that last one. Sure, it’s a mellow river with a quick current at first and a few minor rapids. But it does have Government rapid, which is a good one to scout if you don’t know to enter center-right and push away from the rocks on the right to hit the slot. It also has a new rapid, of which we couldn’t find any info. Fortunately, it’s an easy one to read-and-run. On a curve, constricted from a side canyon flash flood.

The other challenging part at this time of the year is the lower part. It’s gotten so silted in that when the water’s low, there’s narrow channels that meander all over the place that you have to find. Sometimes it’s challenging, but it’s always pretty slow and easy to get spread out.

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