me alpineI believe that our outside world is important to explore and experience each day in order to retain our joy and sanity.  My mom always told me that she thought I’d end up being a park ranger, and while that wasn’t in the cards for me (some days I wish I was), I’ve had the joy of spending a lot of my time outside.  From playing soccer most of my growing up years, to being a long-time river guide, Outward Bound instructor, Alpine Rescue Team member, camp counselor, ranch foreman, and all of the other ancillary activities that come with living in the mountains: hiking, mountain biking, paddling, fly fishing and drinking Arnold Palmers on my deck watching the sunset through the trees over Mt Evans.

I also like to take pictures. I consider myself a decent amateur photographer and finally got myself a new Nikon DSLR to play with.  I am, however, still learning Adobe Light room and hope that it can also turn my iPhone photos into award winners.

I like to get outside as much as possible.  And, when I get outside, I like it to be by rivers, lakes and streams.  And I REALLY like Arnold Palmers.

Oh, and sometimes I take pictures of other cool things.   Look, here’s some now…