Awesome Keeper Hole!

On a recent Trip to Moab, we found an awesome Keeper hole while on a hike along one of our favorite places, Mill Creek. Mill Creek is a long-ish creek that’s accessible in many areas for hiking, swimming, sand castles and general playing with the kids. If you were 2 inches tall, you would NOT want to get in this one!! From Mill Creek…

Awesome Keeper Hole!

Off the Oregon Coast

Manzanita woods in Oregon

A forest off the Oregon Coast

Several years ago we had the pleasure of spending a week or so on the Oregon coast.  We stayed at some wonderful friend’s beach house just south of Manzanita (more pictures on that later) and had an absolutely fantastic time!  Besides the beaches and ocean, One of the things I really love about Oregon is the forests.  This is one of my Manzanita, Orgegon Coastlinefavorite shots I took in a second generation hemlock forest just north of Manzanita.  It’s a pretty famous place to take photos of the beach to the south of this coastal mountain, as I have done also (see photo to the right), but on that same hike, there are fabulous forests like the one here.  It was very difficult for me to keep up during the hike because I love forest views like this.  There’s so much depth and interest in these trees and ferns and the moss on the trees….  Can you tell which way is North?

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