Last week we had a chance to do some hiking in Staunton State Park to get familiar with the newest Colorado State Park (in case we get some SAR missions out there).  It’s always good to get to know new areas for many reasons, and that day, we weren’t disappointed. I’m pretty excited to explore more of this park before it gets too crowded. I encourage you to do the same!

We’d been in that area off of Shaffer’s Crossing once before a few years ago, but there was no sign of there being a park, just fences with state land signs and nondescript, locked gates. We tried driving around to see if there was any way in, but had to leave disappointed.  In case you didn’t know, the park has a lot of rock climbing in addition to nice trails for hiking and biking, but the climbs aren’t that close to the parking lot, so I don’t expect it’ll be too crowded for climbing yet. They’ve done a lot of really nice development of the trail system and the climbing routes that I expect will be a big draw.  Especially since it’s higher up in elevation and not too far away to drive.

We were able to hike to the base of some great rocks to see a lot of different routes – some bolted and some not. (Here’s a link to a great PDF resource on the climbing routes). Then we hiked around to the top of the rocks for some really amazing views.  But, this was just one area we explored.  We didn’t make it around the long loop or to the waterfall, which I hear is pretty cool, but 10 miles round trip.  Next time, maybe I’ll bring my bike… 🙂

Here’s a few shots of this beautiful park.