Sunrise hike

Sunrise Hike up Elephant Butte

It’s April 17th and it’s been snowing now for 2 days straight. 18+ inches and it’s supposed to keep going through tonight and tomorrow morning.  Even though Spring was here a few short days ago and we were out playing and TRAILbuilding a trail on the hill in the front yard in shorts, my thoughts still turn to melted snow and hiking and a great hike we did last year.  

Here in Evergreen, we have no shortage of great hikes.  Elephant Butte is one of them. It’s close, fairly easy, and quick with creative trails and yet it’s got the reward of great views all around Evergreen.  One morning last July, a few of us did this hike, starting at sunrise and getting to the top for a nice breakfast of cereal muffins and hot coffee.  Yes, we hiked in July with a thermos of hot coffee and after we settled in on the summit for a few minutes to cool off, it tasted really good.

This hike starts off in the Alderfer Three Sisters park in Evergreen and isn’t hiked very much, so we only saw about 3 other people this fine Saturday morning. It only took a couple hours to get up at a leisurely pace and even thought we didn’t bring our kids, I’m sure it would be a great one for kids that can hike this long.  The trail is pretty good, not too rocky with very few exposed places except on the summit.  Although it’s a little hard to find at the start since it isn’t marked, which I suppose isn’t a bad thing as it keeps it from getting too crowded.


As you can see, the views from the top aren’t so bad.

Three Sisters is one of the VERY crowded parks in Evergreen along with Elk Meadow. On summer weekends if you don’t get to either of them early, parking becomes an issue.  Because we’re so close to Denver, we get a lot of people migrating up here to get out of the heat of the flatlands of Denver.  These are the 2 parks to which most people head.  So, it’s really nice to have other places to hike that aren’t used as much.

Here are some pictures of our views and the trail.

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